The Film Independent Emergency Filmmaker Support Fund will provide grants to Film Independent Fellows whose livelihoods have been disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Grants range from $500 to $5,000 to offer immediate relief, with priority going to those maintaining households and heath care and individuals from marginalized communities, followed by support to filmmakers with projects in post-production, with special consideration given to those who can in turn provide or sustain employment opportunities for others. 

Film Independent will accept applications for grants in two-week cycles or each time a threshold of $10k has been raised. In the interest of a quick turn-around, grantees will be selected by an internal vetting process based on the urgency of need. Grants will be distributed every three weeks and continue through the crisis, contingent on the availability of funds in Emergency Filmmaker Support Fund. 

Film Independent will provide support to as many Fellows as we are able to and are actively fundraising for this purpose. Please contact with any questions. 

STATUS UPDATE: Film Independent has completed its final round of EFSF Grant Awards and recipients have been notified. If you did not receive an award notification it means that you were not selected for a grant at this time. Currently we are no longer accepting submissions, but will continue to fundraise as an organization so we can reopen the EFSF Grant in the future. If you applied and did not receive funding, and you meet eligibility requirements, you will still be under consideration for a grant when the application reopens and we will notify you if we need an update on your submission at that time. 

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